Word on the Street

Word on the Street is our quarterly release of information useful to Parachute Vision Zero Network members.

CURRENT: March 2018

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Case Study


Cannabis and drug-impaired driving – What’s happening in Canada right now? 

This case study provides an overview of cannabis-impaired driving in Canada, including a review of current statistics, the unique chllenges for preventing cannabis-impaired driving and what governments are currently doing to address this issue. 

Teen beliefs about Cannabis and Driving



Based on a qualitative study by CCSA, this infographic features teen beliefs along with the facts to examine what common misconceptions are held by Canadian youth about cannabis and its harms.


Interview with Heather Woods Fry from Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF)

The Parachute Vision Zero Network talks to Heather Woods Fry with the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) about their newly launched Drug-Impaired Driving Learning Centre (DIDLC). Thank-you to State Farm for making the DIDLC resource possible.